Yoga Retreats

                    UNITE     MEDITATE      MOTIVATE


Enhancing Body, Mind, and Spirit through the Wisdom of YOGA!!!

Our indoor and outdoor spaces for yoga are ideal for strengthening both body and soul. Whether seeking harmony through meditation or merely restoring your body’s health through yoga’s intricate stretching and positioning, our weekend-long events will leave you feeling healthy and happy.

We will be offering a variety of yoga trained instructors to share knowledge of the ancient art and discipline of YOGA. The instructors will lead the various sessions throughout the weekend. In between sessions, participants are invited to spend their free time communing with nature, engaging with one another, or meditating silently on their own. There are also plenty of recreational opportunities.

Weekends can be reserved for a studio’s retreat or you can come by yourself and simultaneously find your center while meeting new people and making great friends.

Our spacious suites with private bath facilities to each room ensure a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. Communal dining is included in this package.

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